How Fatherhood Alters Your View of the World

Photographs by Rian Dundon. Text by David Gonzalez.

Fatherhood, when new life begins — and old lives become sleep-deprived hallucinations glimpsed between midnight feedings and diaper changes.

Mothers are expected to know the deal, multitasking as if they had six hands, supernatural powers of perception and infinite patience. And dads? Too often portrayed as poster children for goofy ineptitude who need those how-to-be-a-dad books with pithy aphorisms and gauzy photos of little feet.

Rian Dundon wasn’t sure what to expect as a new father. But he knew he wasn’t a buffoon. In his project “New Life,” he has documented not just the arrival of his daughter, Mazie, in 2016, but how fatherhood alters how you look at the world.

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Rian Dundon is a photographer and editor in Oakland, California.

Co-published with The New York Times.

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